Yolanda Gil

Yolanda Gil

Director of Knowledge Technologies

Associate Division Director for Research of the Intelligent Systems Division

Research Professor the Department of Computer Science

Information Sciences Institute

University of Southern California



Yolanda Gil is Director of Knowledge Technologies and leads the Interactive Knowledge Capture research group at USC‘s Information Sciences Institute (ISI). Her research focuses on intelligent interfaces for knowledge capture, which is a central topic in projects concerning knowledge-based planning and problem solving, information analysis and assessment of trust, semantic annotation tools, agent and software choreography, and community-wide development of knowledge bases. A recent focus is assisting scientists with intelligent systems that analyze data, test hypotheses, and make new discoveries.

She is the Associate Division Director for Research of the Intelligent Systems Division at ISI. The division is home to more than one hundred AI researchers and PhD students.

She is also Research Professor in the Department of Computer Science and in the Spatial Sciences Institute at USC.

She recently became Associate Director of Interdisciplinary Programs in Informatics. She designed a new course for teaching data science to non-programmers, which she teaches in the Communications Informatics and the Spatial Informatics programs.

Before starting at ISI in 1992, she received her PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University. Her thesis focused on the acquisition of planning knowledge through the formulation of deliberate experiments with the environment. She has been fascinated ever since with the challenge of enabling computers to learn new knowledge both autonomously and from being taught.

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