Emilio Ferrara

Emilio Ferrara

Research Assistant Professor

Research Leader

Information Science Institute





Dr. Ferrara’s research focuses on studying techno-social systems, designing machine-learning frameworks to model and predict individual behavior, characterize information diffusion online, and predict crime and abuse. Ferrara has published over 70 articles on Machine Learning, Network Science, and Social Media Research, appeared in top venues including Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Communications of the ACM, Physical Review Letters, etc.
His research on social network abuse and crime prediction has been featured on major news outlets (TIME, BBC, NYT, etc.) and tech magazines (MIT Technology Review, New Scientist, etc.). Dr. Ferrara has been appointed as the 2016 Senior Fellow of UCLA’s Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics, he received the DARPA Young Faculty Award 2016, the IBM Watson Analytics 2015 VIP Influencer in Big Data award, and was ranked 28th in the Top 100 Big Data Experts to follow in 2016 list by Maptive.

Emilio Ferrara is a Research Leader and Principal Investigator in the Machine Intelligence and Data Science (MINDS) group at the University of Southern California‘s Information Sciences Institute.





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